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Chelsea legend captain John \u0026 middot; Terry officially announced that after the end of the season to leave the team, 22 years of Blues career on this end. From 1998 against Aston Villa, Terry played on behalf of Chelsea 713 games and scored 66 goals. What are the boots he wears in these games? Let's count together. 1998/99 season is Terry's fledgling period, when he was wearing a FILA football shoes. FILA in the year when the classic black and green boots have been all the rage, Serie A game no shortage of wearing players. FILA last year also had specially launched the Kevlar material FILA FASCINO complex engraved football shoes. 2000 - 2001 for Terry is a turbulent year, not only because he was Chelsea briefly rented Nottingham Forest team, his foot shoes also changed several times. Into 2000, Terry put Nike Tiempo Premier football shoes, but one year later he put in the game adidas Predator Precision football shoes, and the end of 2001, Terry and wear back to Nike. It was clear that Terry had no brand sponsorship for this time. Beginning in 2002, Terry began a decade of cooperation with umbro. In the past decade, we witnessed the birth of a great captain and defense backbone. From the early removal of the Premier League midfielder Chelsea, to the subsequent Premiership and even the European championship, and then to the England national team, Terry has become an indispensable key members. Endorsement umbro at the beginning, Terry wearing the umbro X series of football shoes; and later after the acquisition of the Cuban Terry Terry to wear speciali series of soccer shoes. In 2012, Terry and umbro contract expired, then facing the FA race racist allegations were abandoned by umbro, a long-term cooperation story came to an end. Lost Terry's umbro also experienced a downturn in the period, a long time no big star endorsement. In the 2012 game, Terry has been wearing the legendary series of football shoes and his familiar umbro Speciali back and forth until 2014, officially signed with Nike. In 2014, Nike launched a new control boots Magista series of soccer shoes, Terry also officially put on this shoe, Nike Air Max 2017 and this shoe is wearing a three years. In an interview, Terry mentioned: 'I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I will wear a pair of shoes before the warm-up before the game, the first half and the second half and then wear a pair of shoes, the past few years I have been Is so dry, even I am not sure that Nike will not be so freak. I particularly like to wear a strong sense of parcel, very tight shoes, if the shoes have a little change I feel the ball and the ball when the feeling is different. 'Since now, Terry is also wearing a ghost generation generation of low to help football shoes to participate in team training and competition. Terry is about to bid farewell to Chelsea, but this does not mean that the British defender will bid farewell to the track, after which he will wear different boots is still unknown. Terry's boots choice, how do you feel? Comments tell us! ENJOYZ welcome content on the cooperation, reproduced in advance to obtain the consent of my station, and indicate the source. Rhitheric calling rounds.itherither ...... Avtferences to calling composition composition compositions.