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FIFA U20 World Cup is carried out in South Korea, in addition to observe the country's demon performance, we also found a pair has not yet released the listing of Adidas football shoes! Japan U20 country Tianchuan Henshen (avalanche sandstone striker) in the training and competition wearing the recent we are very concerned about the shoes \u0026 mdash; Adidas replaced the Messi series of new boots Nemeziz. Earlier Real Madrid and Rome training field we have seen no camouflage Nemeziz no shoelace football shoes, today Tianchuanheng Jie wearing the first sale of color with a lace design of the high-end version of Nemeziz 17.1. From the photo Nike Air Max 2017 Sale online point of view, Tian Chuanheng training in the training of Nemeziz in many shoes come to the fore, not only because of the unique appearance of shoes, as well as similar to the upper bandage structure. Because too outstanding, the Japanese U20 national team game when Tanaka Hyun-mediated shoes black camouflage, but Japan U20 first game seems to be spent on the bench. New adidas Nemeziz17.1 soccer shoes everyone feel how? After the foot is not that handsome? Comments tell us! ENJOYZ welcome content on the cooperation, reproduced in advance to obtain the consent of my station, and indicate the source. Rhitheric calling rounds.itherither ...... Avtferences to calling composition composition compositions.